Welcome to the Assembly

The Diamond Hands Assembly is a collection of 2 sets of 1000 NFTs. These are unique digital assets which living on the blockchain. Your #DHands serves as your membership in the assembly.

The first 1,000 will be born from the original set. Once we have owners for all 1,000 NFTs, we will create a 2nd set made with a different set of diamonds, and delist a third of the hands and replace them with new ones. Check our roadmap.

The name is born of the concept of risk-taking, prevalent in our society. We all have to take that shot, and in the process, we simply don’t crumble in pressure.

DHands are created with a random set of attributes. Get yours over at OpenSea at just 0.01ETH.


  • Legacy Collection (0-1,000)
  • NFT flex privilege
  • Bonus airdrop
  • Assembly merch store
  • Auxiliary Collection (1,001-2,000)
  • Physical jewelry / accessory redeemable

Have fun flaunting your #DHands and your Diamond Hands resolve!